New Books on the Shelf

Signers of the Mayflower Compact by Annie Armoux Haxtun
Mayflower Marriages by Susan E Roser
Mayflower Births and Deaths from the files of George Ernest Bowman at the Massachusetts – Society of Mayflower Descendants Vol 1 and 2 by Susan E. Roser
Mayflower Deeds and Probates, from the files of George Earnes Bowman at the Massachusetts – Society of Mayflower Descendants by Susan E. Rosser
Mayflower Increasings – 2nd edition by Susan E. Roser
The Final Rolls of Citizens and freedmen of the Five Civilized tribes in Indian Territory and Index to the Final Rolls – Vol 1 and 2 by Dawes Commission
The Dawes Commission: Citizens (Allottees) and Intruders in Indian Territory 1901 – 1909 by John E Ernest
Powhatan Indian Place Names in Tidewater Virginia by Martha W. McCartney and Helen C. Roundtree
Indian Wars of the American South, 1610 – 1858: A Guide for Genealogists and Historians by Michael A Ports
Dedication of the First Presbyterian Church; Mexico, Mo; 1851 – 1968
Audrain County School at Graceland County Fair leaflet 1989
Departure Ceremony for Detachment 1 HHS Battery; 1st Battalion, 128th Field Artillery leaflet Nov 2003

2006 Sons of the confederate Veterans Membership List Directory
Settles of Maryland 1679-1783 – Consolidated Edition by Peter Wilson Coldham
The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks
1881 History of Grundy County Missouri
Michael Weidler: His Antecidents and Decendants